The Gillmen Dive Club











Today's Club

We meet the last Thursday of each month (except November - 3rd Thursday and Decembe - no meeting) at Marco Polo's on Burnside Ave. in East Hartford at 7:30 PM.

Our Bylaws allow a maximum of 30 active members, and new applications are always under review. Divers become 'Provisional' members for a minimum of one year, and
dependent upon their participation in Club activities and meeting attendance, are reviewed for Full Member status. The Club must vote to fill a Full Member Slot. Membership positions are available.

Wreck Diving, Tek Diving, and Discovery Diving are at the fore-front  of the Club's activities.

The Gillmen have worked with the U. S. Navy, Coast Guard,  Conn. State Police, various Local Police Depts.,  the State's Archaeologist Office and Army on joint  projects.  We have helped various Police Departments start & setup their own dive teams. We have assisted 'Diver's Down' in videos about 'Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic' and Lake George, New York.




'The Gillmen Story'
-- is a video that was virtually years in the making, and  is available for $20.00.




The Lake George Weekend
 -- is an yearly expedition that engages Lake Diving with Club Camaraderie.

The Block Island Rendezvous

 A weekend gathering of  the Club Members, Boats and Diving on surrounding  Wrecks, and Social   interaction at local island eateries and establishments.

State of CT Archaeological Concerns

Not being swept into believing that legislation will enhance our Sport.
Actively opposing the regulation and fee restrictive control of the Diving Community.
Being 'Pro-Active' in the State-wide Committee instituted by the Connecticut State Archaeologist and State Museum of Natural History.
Supporting preservation of 'Historically Significant' Wrecks.

Divers needed to help the CT State
Archaeologist Office